Thursday, 8/9/2005


The repairing of the site goes slowly forward. Today the MAINSCREENS and HANGARS sections were restored.
I also updated links with most up-to-date MESSAGEBOARDS URL's.
Another minor enhances and changes had been made, to ensure smooth flow of the site.


Friday, 2/9/2005

Hello all EAW lovers!

I wasn't doing into EAW for some 9 months, according to last NEWS date mark... Obviously this was caused by my low RAM setting (I had only freakin' 64 MegaBytes of RAM those days!), so I became pretty much discouraged by the slowness of my rig, that I quit EAW until I had the PC upgraded. Why? Working with a larger amount of data (let's say over 1 MB) wasn't possible, the application were CTD's... Not even mentiong playing... I became just an occasional lurker and a kibitzer on the forum. Yesterday I've bought an additional RAM - Kingston 512 MB chip. So I'm back to the good old bussines of EAW playing/modding again, since my machine is now "...running like a cat after a rat!".

Now I'll need to restore this page (maybe with some upgrades and changes...) and then I'm hopping onto restarting my old projects and beginning the new ones.

See You all over the Channel & Letu Zdar!