It is about two or more years when the first campaign like Battle of Poland 1939, France 1939, Caucausus, Midway, ETO: 1942 and others were released. As a reaction on it I made my own small campaign addon called CzFiPa - Czechoslovak Fighter Package. It contained all of the three original Czechoslovak RAF squadrons (No.'s 310, 312, 313) and one semi-Czech, the No. 68, Czech ranks and Czech names for all three original EAW campaigns (BoB '40, ETO '43 & '44). But I wasn't fully satisfied with this so I modded for a while and in Aug '01 I finnished the CSP - Czechoslovak Squadrons Package. This was a real package-alike addon with all of the written above and also skinspack, screens, squadron badges, etc... There was a project to create Czecoslovak speechpack with Karl and more things should come. But I encountered one BIG problem... I wanted to add also the famous Czechoslovak bomb squadron - No. 311. This one started operational flights over the Reich in 1940 with Vickers Wellingtons and went thru it's greatest fame during the three next years. It became well-known among the Bomber Command units by winning a lot of 'scoring competitions' and their crewman became known as "...the best in the entire Bomber Command..." but had also great losses and because it's perosnnel was limited, in 1943 it was sent to Coastal Command and for its glory and as a thank it was re-equipped with Liberators GRV. Simply, to get compare these two elements (Day fighter missions with night bombing) was over my skills (and still is without the needed knowledge). I also had other problems from outside the EAW world and for that reason I abandonned EAW at all for a quite a long time. I hope now it is gonna be better, my machine and and internet so I would like to re-start this project and not just for Royal Air Force, Czechosalovakians saw action all over the WWII frontlines. Not just that but it should be great if we create packs for all 'allied nations' like Poles, Free French, Norwegians, Dutch... At least it is our obligation to thank these people that we are now living in peace and democracy. In this community, I think, this could be the greatest thank for them. If you want to help somehow, please send me a mail and I'm gonna email you the CSP (not a full 1 MB). S!